Riding the “Cabot Trail”

Gateway to Cape Breton

“The Cabot Trail is a 300 km long highway in Northern Cape Breton, an area renowned for its spectacular unspoiled beauty. Cape Breton is an island located in the north of the Province of Nova Scotia, Canada. The Cabot Trail was named after John Cabot, the great navigator and explorer who first sighted Cape Breton Island on June 23, 1497. The Trail winds around the northern shore of Cape Breton passing through the magnificent highlands of Cape Breton National Park, one of Canada’s most exceptional wilderness areas. You will find a rare blend of cultures, including Acadian, Scottish and Mi’kmaq, in these parts.”

Just so you know, the winters in this part of the country are brutal , so the back roads can be a little rough on your bike.  If it weren’t for my son sitting on the back seat, my beer box would’ve fallen right off after the mounts broke – I hit a really big bump.  I had to use bungy chords to hold it on until I could get it repaired back at the HD dealer in Sydney.   There are plenty of HD dealers on the way (Moncton, Halifax, & Prince Edward Island) should you require some repairs or maintenance, and also the one in Sydney, Nova Scotia near the Cabot Trail itself.  You can stay on the major highways, but you’d sure miss a plethora of delightful scenery – especially along coastal roads.


4 Responses to Riding the “Cabot Trail”

  1. Stephen Bishop says:

    I remember that trip. The one where the roads were so bad your Luggage Trunk snapped off…
    It was a fun one and I really enjoyed the Fog we drove into when we left the Rally Site in Sydney and went back to our Motel every night in Louisberg… : )
    Good times and great memories…

  2. Mal Spooner says:

    All of our trips were awesome Steve. Too bad we got old.

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