New Zealand – WOW!

There’s more than sheep in NZ

Touring New Zealand on a bike is spectacular.  Imagine riding through all of Canada – rolling hills, ocean views, winding mountain switchbacks, and even prairies – but without having to travel almost 4000 miles.

Click on the map of the route we took.


1 Response to New Zealand – WOW!

  1. Jamie says:

    I had the great fortune of spending a couple days on two wheels on the North Island. I hooked up with an Auckland H.O.G. member who gave us a tour around the Coremandel Peninsula and greater Auckland. Fantastic roads! No Potholes, frost heaves or cracks in the pavement.
    He obviously knew the roads and I was either WFO or full brakes.
    If anyone is thinking of going there, mortgage your house if you need to. It is a land of unbelievable beauty, the people are the most easy going, friendly folks you’ll ever come across.

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