Watch me riff

The Dealers at Dealey’s in 2007 at Bay Street’s “Rock-on for Kids” December 2007. Charity event supporting Derringer’s 12 Days of Christmas (funds to the Centre for Abuse Awareness).

Before making any important decisions, make sure to clear your head.  Turn up the speakers and keep scrolling down for more vintage videos.

And check out this riff – guitar solo worthy of a country & western classic:

Witness History.  The very first rock and roll fundraiser by the financial community in Winnipeg, Manitoba raised $20,000 in support of the Arthritis Society.  Click on the photo below – it’s just like being there.  More rock & roll when you scroll.

Winnstock 2008 $102,500 for the Movement Centre of Manitoba and the Open Access Resource Centre.  Watch me riff – and don’t I look handsome in my cowboy hat?

Here’s another one from Winnstock 2008. I wonder if this inspired the reconciliation between the band and Axl Rose.

At Winnstock 2007 we raised $85,000 for the Movement Centre of Manitoba.  Click on the photo below and feel “Allright Now.”

And enjoy our cover of this Bowie classic.


6 Responses to Watch me riff

  1. Skai Spooner says:

    I feel like you should have been a famous rocker…but did too much investing.

  2. Jim Stewart says:

    Nice ride. What is your opinion of HD Stock? It seems to be steady the last few months. Will the new assembly plant in India have much of a factor?

    • Mal Spooner says:

      Hi Jim. Thanks for visiting. Did you remember to subscribe? HOG (the stock) is expensive if sales don’t ramp up. Might be able to buy between $35 -$40 on a crappy day in the market. When folks are buying Civics due to high gas prices it’s hard to imagine a mad rush for Harleys but hey, I love the bike more than the company so what do I know.

  3. Jim Stewart says:

    Good advise. Real novice in the market but do like the product. The economy being what is, I am sure discretionary spending is limited.

  4. Michael McIntosh says:

    Well, well, well … we did enjoy ourselves now, didn’t we?

  5. Peter says:

    Nice to see that us old white farts can still rock. Good blog too.

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